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About Us

DoberVette Printing & Safety is a woman-owned small business based in Hockley, Texas.  Founded in 1993 as EZ LIFT, the company started as an industrial safety supply company providing quality name-brand personal protective equipment (PPE) ranging from basic eye protection, hard hats and gloves, to heavy lift back support belts, high-visibility vests, respiratory protection and steel-toed boots. 


EZ LIFT expanded its business operations to include silk screen printing in 1999 after receiving numerous requests to print the customers’ company logos on the safety equipment they ordered.  Originally an outsourced function, EZ LIFT brought this printing capability in-house with the purchase of a print shop and the identification of personnel with both an industrial safety and silk screen printing background. 


Once in place, the customer base for this printing operation rapidly grew to the point EZ LIFT spun off a second company, MI Designz, which quickly went from just a logo printing operation to a full fledged silk-screen printing business in its own right.


Returning to our roots, and to create a single identity, EZ LIFT and MI Designz have reunited to form DoberVette Printing & Safety.  In addition to continuing the original task of providing company logos for our safety equipment, DoberVette currently provides t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim and business casual shirts for client company wear, pet-themed graphics for pet enthusiasts, pro-Second Amendment graphics and signs, and custom-made fund-raising shirts and novelty souvenirs for non-profit organizations, animal shelters and dog rescues.   We carry a full line of animal-themed graphics and specialize in dog-themed garments and products.


Our print customers range from individual buyers, small churches, schools, and athletic teams up to major non-profit organizations and companies.  Our strength is customizing our goods and services to meet the needs of our clients.  Operating as a small company, we provide each customer with specific personal attention.  Together we develop the product our customer seeks to buy, not just a canned product a printer wishes to sell.


Whether you’re looking for dog breed-specific novelty wear, company shirts or special event activity wear, DoberVette can offer a variety of product options.  Buyers with specific needs and a small budget often find DoberVette to be the solution they’re looking for.


Our industrial safety supply operation continues to provide industrial safety equipment, products and materials to customers ranging from small construction contractors and temporary staffing services up to major aerospace manufacturers.  We operate with an on-site, rapid response inventory for high volume products and use a network of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to achieve the best market price for products ordered on a less frequent basis.  Doing so relieves you, our customer, from paying the normal overhead expenses for a large inventory storage facility and numerous warehouse personnel.  Our objective is to provide the worker with the best safety equipment on the market, allowing them to do their best work for you.


The DoberVette philosophy is simple; provide the customer with affordable solutions to their expensive industry needs.  Premium products and services do not have to carry a premium price tag.  We are committed to providing the best product and service possible because after all, it’s our privilege to serve you, and that’s what develops customer loyalty.