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Corded and Uncorded Ear Plugs

The hot look in comfortable hearing protection.  LaserLite feature high visibility fluorescent colors that workers love to use.  The non-irritating, non-allergenic self-adjusting foam recovers to fit virtually any ear canal.  Smooth, soil resistant skin helps prevent dirt from adhering to the surface while rolling prior to insertion.  LaserLite is ideal for that portion of the population with smaller ear canals.  Available corded or uncorded.

PVC Foam Ear Plugs
Soft Earplug Expands to the Size and Shape of Your
    Ear Canal

*  Slow Recovery PVC Foam for a Comfortable Fit

*  Earplugs are Packaged Separately in Pairs

*  Form a Constant and Effective Noise Seal

*  Soft Foam Capsule, Moisture Resistant

*  Highly Visisble for Easy User Verification

*  Uncorded Plugs Cone in 200-count Box

*  Corded Plugs come in 100-count Box

*  One Size Fits All, Easy to Use

Item Number:                 Feature:

HRP021A2-CD                           Corded

HRP021A2-NC                         Uncorded



  HRP021A2-CD:      $ 23.25 / 100-ct Box

  HRP021A2-NC:      $ 22.50 / 200-ct Box


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