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Ergonomic Wrist Support

Wrist support in black elastic with a convenient thumb loop for easy application. Heavy-duty support. Woven elastic delivers comfortable compression to help diffuse stress over a broader group of muscles and other tissue. Helps reduce strains and swelling. Hook and loop closure. One size.
Wrist Wrap

Made Of Durable Medium Gauge Elastic 

*  With or without thumb loop

*  Provides Light Support To Wrists

*  Wrap Feature With Velcro Closure

*  Machine Washable

*  Allows User To Adjust Tension

*  Color: Black

*  Sold Individually or in Pairs

*  Fits Left Or Right Hand

Item Number:                    Feature:

ERG133A4-NL                             No Loop

ERG133A4-WL                          Thumb Loop



  ERG133A4-NL:           $ 1.55 ea.

  ERG133A4-WL:          $ 1.90 ea

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