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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Items

3-Mix Breed Montage Shirts

These images are a combination of three individual breed graphics in one. 

Top quality design printed on 100% ring spun and open end cotton, 5.5 oz. or higher weight T-shirts. 

These are first run shirts printed when you order.  You select the dog breed, shirt size and color, and we do the rest.

Select Shirt Color:

     * White     * Ash     * Sand     * Khaki     * Lt Blue     * Pink     * Goldenrod

Item Number:                    Size:

3MIXSHRT-SM                          Small

3MIXSHRT-MD                        Medium 

3MIXSHRT-LG                           Large

3MIXSHRT-XL                          X-Large

3MIXSHRT-2X                         XX-Large

3MIXSHRT-3X                       XXX-Large

3MIXSHRT-4X                     XXXX-Large



  Small - XL:              $14.00

        2XL:                  $16.00

        3XL:                  $19.00

        4XL:                  $22.00 

Additional Breeds Available

Bichon Frise

* Border Collie

* Boston Terrier

* Bulldog, English

* Bulldog, French

* Chihuahua, Tan

* Chow Chow

* Corgi

* Cocker Spaniel

* Dachshund

* Dalmation

* Doberman Pinscher

* German Shepherd Dog

* Golden Retriever

* Great Dane

* Greyhound

* Jack Russell Terrier

* Labrador Retriever, Black

* Labrador Retriever, Chocolate

* Labrador Retriever, Yellow

* Pit Bull

* Poodle, Black

* Poodle, Grey

* Pug

* Rottweiler

* Schnauzer, Cropped Ear

* Schnauzer, Natural Ear

* Shetland Sheepdog

* Shih Tzu

* Weimaraner

* West Highland White Terrier

We will soon have online ordering capability from each page.  Until then, please use this link to Place an Order or contact us with any questions. 

Thank You!!

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